Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Ridgewood Pump Station Upgrades

Upgrades at the Ridgewood Pump Station will assure adequate water throughout the system regardless of conditions. 

West Rock Creek Control Valve

New controls at the West Rock Creek tank will provide flexibitly and efficiency in the distribution system,  sustaining pressure and flow. 

Water System Master Study

Public Water District # 3 is currently working with our Engineer to analyze the entire District Operation. This will include the review of system hydraulics, finances, fire flow, and storage capabilities. A capital improvement plan will be developed to chart the District course for the next five years.

New Billing Software Implementation

Public Water District # 3 is currently in the process of implementing a new billing software system. The new system will allow customers to create their own portal. There you can  view current, historical usage and account data, as well as make a payment.  The new software will also utilize a full page invoice allowing the customer to access more information on their monthly statement. Please bear with us as we do expect minor glitches with a new system.  Our goal is to make any transaction as accurate and as smooth as possible for the customer. The new system should be active in the month of September 2022.  Update December 19, 2022: Software has been implemented. Customers now have access to their portal, the option for ebilling and other features. 

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Public Water # 3 is moving forward with an automated meter reading system.  This system consists of a network of base stations to collect meter data and comprehensive software to allow customer service representatives instant access to meter data.  This system has several features: live meter data, early notifications of customer leaks or high usage, and eliminating any estimated invoices due to weather events. Once completed this will improve efficiency and accuracy and allow service technicians to focus on other key areas of operations. 

Brethold Booster Pump Station

Public Water District #3 is currently constructing a new booster pump station at our existing Brethold Tank elevated site. This was identified as an essential pumping station in order to maintain supply to all of our customers during routine and peak demands for water.  This project is expected to reach completion by April 1, 2022.  UPDATE This project is completed and is a major component of our distribution system!

Upgrading Meter System

We are in the process of improving our system by upgrading to a radio read meter system and bringing every meter service up to current specifications. The areas around Delores Drive and Saline road from Gravois Bluffs up to White Oak Estates have been upgraded.  Progress will continue across the Saline Road area.  This will take some time to complete and we appreciate your cooperation and patience during this period.